Ford Ferguson Image
Many Neffs farmed this land since the late 1700's. This is a picture of the Neff farm today. Click here for an aerial view of the farm & woodland.
Farm Image
Image of haying with 9N.
A 1972 picture of the Ford-Ferguson 9N with a baler and wagon full of hay hitched up behind her. The 9N was the first tractor purchased for the Neff farm. The tractor is shown with a custom made windshield that my innovated grandfather made. Umbrellas were used often to keep the sun away. The baler operated off it's own power using a Wisconsin engine. Hand-cranking the engine was an experience.
This is 1971 summer picture of Tyler, age 13, driving the '40 something Farmall A with a case combine tagging along. I thought it was incredible that this small sized tractor could handle such a large piece of machinery. The "A" was the second tractor purchased for the Neff farm.
Farmall A & Case Combine Image

Grandpa Plowing Snow Image

This is an old picture of my grandfather plowing snow. The tractor, a 1953 Ford Jubilee, was the third purchased for the Neff farm and was used for a variety of heavier duty type tasks that required more horsepower. I recently purchased this tractor from my great aunt and just got it started after sitting for 8 or 9 years.

Click here to view a video of the Jubilee, "Rusty", first started after sitting in the barn for 8 years. I purchased the tractor from my great aunt in April of 2008.

Current Neff Ford Jubilee pics

A picture of my dad's pride and joy. His 1957 Ford model 640 with a Woods 5' brush hog attached to the rear. He purchased the tractor in the spring of '87. Though it's not one of the original "Neff Brother's" farm tractors, it has been a wonderful addition to the farm. Dad spends many hours on the farm performing odd jobs with the 640.
Dad's 640 Image
Dad's Super A Image
Purchased this tractor at an auction near Frederick, MD, in the fall of 2000. Click here for details.
A photo of the Neff farm tractors taken on Oct 26th, 2001. All are in very good condition and all are assigned different duties on the farm.
Neff Tractors Image
Neff Tractors 2 Image
A photo of the "current" Neff farm tractors taken on May 29th, 2011. Added in this photo are the '53 Ford Jubilee and the brand new 2009 Boomer 8N purchased May 28, 2011..