Ford Ferguson Image

Engine • Four cylinder L-head. 3.187 inch bore x 3.75 inch stroke.
• Piston displacement- 119.7 cu. in. 
• Compression ratio- 6 to 1.
Horsepower Camera • Maximum horsepower at belt pulley- 23.87.
• Rated belt horsepower (85% of maximum) 20.29.
Drawbar Camera • 2-14" plow capacity with Ferguson hydraulically operated implements.
• Maximum drawbar without Ferguson hydraulic system of control- 16.90 horsepower.
• Rated drawbar horsepower (75% of maximum) 12.68.
• Adjustable type. Included as standard equipment.
Governor Camera • Variable speed, mechanically operated, centrifugal type.
• Governor regulation from 800 to 2200 rpm.
Lubrication Camera • By gear pump supplying direct pressure oiling to crankshaft, camshaft and connecting rod bearing, also to timing gears.
• Crankcase oil capacity- 6 quarts of  10w-30 HD that meets the API Service Classifications.
Oil Filter Camera Replaceable cartridge type of large capacity.
Ignition  Camera • Front-mounted direct driven distributor in unit with coil in waterproof housing.
• Fully automatic spark advance.
• Static timing is TDC.
• Contact point gap- .015.
• Firing order is 1-2-4-3.
• Champion H10 or H12 spark plugs with .026 gap.
Generator Camera • 6-volt type with third brush control.
• 6-volt conventional type automobile starter. Mounted on left side.
• Safety starter switch mechanically interlocked with gear shift lever.
• Shifter must be in neutral to start.
Battery Camera • 6-volt battery w/positive ground. 85 ampere-hour capacity- 13 high plates.
• Pump circulation of water through copper tube and fin type radiator.
• Fan- 4-blade push-type 16" driven by belt (Optional 4- blade pull-type and 6- blade push-type).
• Pump is packless type with pre-lubricated bearings.
• Cooling system capacity- 14 U.S. quarts.
Fuel Supply Camera
• Welded steel tank carried in engine hood.
• Capacity- 9 gallons plus 1 gallon reserve. Two turns open on fuel valve for standard and full open for reserve operation.
• Fuel filter is standard equipment.
Carburetor Camera • Marvel-Schebler TSX33 up draft, plain tube type of sturdy, dustproof construction.
Air Cleaner Camera • Oil Bath type with dust receptacle easily removable for cleaning.
Muffler Camera • Reverse-flow type. Fitted as standard equipment to carry exhaust to the rear of the tractor.
Clutch Camera • Single dry plate 9" effective diameter. Clutch plate pressure increased by centrifugal force as engine speed is increased.
Transmission Camera • Sliding gear- 3 forward speeds and one reverse.
• All shafts mounted on tapered roller bearings.
• Capacity for transmission, hydraulic mechanism and differential is 5 gallons.
Transmission Speeds
Final Drive Camera • Spiral bevel gear drive with straddle-mounted pinion 6.66 to 1 ratio.
• Four pinion differential mounted on tapered roller bearings.
• Drive axle of the semi-floating type with integral axle shafts and wheel hubs, also mounted on tapered roller bearings.
Final Gear Reductions
Steering Camera • Beveled pinion and twin bevel sectors controlling both front wheels independently.
• Tread of front axle adjustable without disturbing any steering connections.
• Rubber covered steel steering wheel 18" diameter.
(Power Take Off)
Camera • Shaft extends from rear of axle housing.
• Has standard 1-1/8" spline end for fitting to drives of power driven equipment.
• 509 rpm of engine speed of 1400 rpm.
• 545 rpm of engine speed of 1500 rpm.
• PTO control lever is located on left side of tractor near drivers foot.
Brakes Camera • 14" x 2" internal expanding, two shoes, fully energizing type.
• One simple accessible adjustment on each brake.
• Brakes operate independently on each rear wheel controlled by separate pedals to facilitate short turning.
Wheels Camera • Front- Steel disc fitted with 4 x 19 single rib tires on drop center rim, tire pressure- 26 lbs.
• Rear- Steel disc fitted with 8 x 32 traction tread tires on drop center rim, tire pressure- 12 lbs.
Hydraulics Camera • Consists of 4 cylinder pump supplying oil under suitable pressure to ram cylinder.
• Valve has manual and automatic control.
• Control lever convenient to the operator's right hand gives him instant control of the implement.
• Capacity for transmission, hydraulic mechanism and differential is 5 gallons.
Dimensions Camera • Wheelbase- 70".
• Normal Tread- Front and rear- 48".
• Front Tread- Adjustable, by means of extending axles ends and reversing front wheel discs, to 76" in 4" steps.
• Rear Tread- Adjustable, by means of reversible wheel disc and reversible tire rims, to 76" in 4" steps.
• Overall length- Front tire fin to end of lower link- 115".
• Overall width- 64".
• Overall height- 52".
• Ground clearance- 13" under center. 21" under axles.
• Turning circle- 16 ft. diameter with use of brakes.
• Shipping weight-approximately 2,140 lbs.
Color Camera • Battleship Gray (the whole dang thing!)

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